Hey Summer, We’re Ready for Ya!

In farming weather is Queen.  My phone is equipped with two weather apps I check like a teenager refreshing snapchat.  Our three greatest enemies: epic downpours, gale winds, and hail. These three are always on my personal radar.  The rain and the wind can be tracked on my apps, but the hail is a rogue nemesis that plays by no ones rules.  When it hits, all you can do is survey the damage, repair what you can, and move forward.

We’ve had two bouts of hail this month.  So it goes.  While it has set our bloom supply back a couple of weeks, we’ve used this time to get ahead in other areas.  Our “Runway” is comprised of 16, 60′ beds and last week we completed prepping and seeding all of them–officially putting us at capacity!  Which is amazing, and a huge jump in growth from this time last year.

The greenhouse is also getting some play this summer.  We’ve got rows of lisianthus and celosia that are soaking that sun and heat up like champs!  Utilizing the space year round is an amazing tool and we’re so excited to have found some sun worshippers who can hang in there.

Our most exciting news: we are getting a walk-in cooler!  A 10×14 Room of Refrigeration.  Its going to be a game changer, and we can’t wait.

More to come about the launch of the flower truck ( so soon– promise!) I leave you with a couple shots from the other evening:

Oh Snap!

Growing new varieties at Grassdale is my favorite thing, especially when its a flower that is hard to come by, or non-existent in my local market.  Enter Madame Butterfly Snapdragons.  Snapdragons themselves are a well-know, common variety garden staple.  You see them used in landscaping and at markets all over town.  I like to think of traditional snaps as a “red rose”- like the ones you see at H-E-B at the checkout lane.  In contrast, the madame butterfly variety is a big, juicy, enticing “garden rose”–an upscale version of its traditional counterpart.  The cute faces are frilly and extra happy looking and exude a candy-scent (seriously!).  We planted a mix which is comprised of a rich burgundy, a bright, clear yellow, two shades of pink, and a really fun orange/coral I’m referring to as “sunset”.

We’ll definitely be expanding production of these gems next year!

Petals, ink. Kickstarter

We are LIVE!

You may have heard by now via social media or email– Petals, ink. is bringing Austin its first, 100% locally grown mobile flower shop in the Spring of 2017.  We’ve been hard at work on this project for many months and are so excited to enter this next thrilling ( and nerve wracking ) phase of raising funds for the renovation. We have the truck, and I promise one day soon I will re-tell the tales of hunting for the perfect vehicle–I now know more about mechanics than I ever thought possible!  We searched near and far, and eventually found a great fit.  She’s got a new engine, and solid bones, but she is old gal in need of a major overhaul!

If you are a flower love in Austin and want to get your hands on Local blooms regularly, or perhaps you are a supporter of locally grown living far from our little farm, or maybe you are just love seeing a woman go after her dream with enthusiasm and determination—I encourage you to check out our kickstarter page for the full story, and to pledge any amount you can.  Can’t swing a pledge?  We get that!  You can still help by spreading the link to the project, and shouting it from the rooftops ( or your Facebook page.)

Thank you all for your continued support in our floral adventuring.