Petals, ink. Kickstarter

We are LIVE!

You may have heard by now via social media or email– Petals, ink. is bringing Austin its first, 100% locally grown mobile flower shop in the Spring of 2017.  We’ve been hard at work on this project for many months and are so excited to enter this next thrilling ( and nerve wracking ) phase of raising funds for the renovation. We have the truck, and I promise one day soon I will re-tell the tales of hunting for the perfect vehicle–I now know more about mechanics than I ever thought possible!  We searched near and far, and eventually found a great fit.  She’s got a new engine, and solid bones, but she is old gal in need of a major overhaul!

If you are a flower love in Austin and want to get your hands on Local blooms regularly, or perhaps you are a supporter of locally grown living far from our little farm, or maybe you are just love seeing a woman go after her dream with enthusiasm and determination—I encourage you to check out our kickstarter page for the full story, and to pledge any amount you can.  Can’t swing a pledge?  We get that!  You can still help by spreading the link to the project, and shouting it from the rooftops ( or your Facebook page.)

Thank you all for your continued support in our floral adventuring.




Flower Lady is The New Cat Lady

We hustled HARD this summer and fall– installing raised beds in the greenhouse and establishing 16 (!) new rows of planting space along The Runway.  We packed the greenhouse full of seeds, bulbs, corms and plugs and are starting to see the fruits ( or in this case, flowers) of our labor.

This was our first year purchasing plugs for Icelandic Poppies– a gorgeous, papery bloom notorious for being difficult to germinate.  In years past I have invested in seeds and time only to have a poor showing of plants come Spring.  After making empty promises to myself that THIS year I’d buy plugs, I finally pulled the trigger.  AND I”M NEVER GOING BACK.

It has been an odd winter–The Fall was unseasonably warm, and remained so into November.  While pretty nice for us humans, the plants thrive with cold nights and cool days.  After this balmy Fall we experienced an Arctic blast– a three day string of nights hitting the teens.  I hear you New Englanders laughing!  I know, I know– 3 days of cold!  Send supplies!  Send in the rescue teams!  In all truth, while “everything is Bigger In Texas” it can be wimpier too when it comes to the cold….  We lost the first 170 stems of Poppies in that cold snap.

It remains to be seen how the rest of the season will pan out in light of the odd weather….  The good news is new varieties of sweet peas are blooming a month early, and the ranunculus are putting up stems!

We’ve got an exciting announcement coming at the end of the week– stay tuned!



Some people shoot craps, some people farm–its all a gamble.

So I promise to give a full report soon, and not drop off the map for ridiculous chunks of time just because life is busy even though I feel like I’m working hard to make it not so (oxymoron, the verb version– does that exist? (p.s. I was an English major).) All you need to know for now is:  there has been so much beauty in my life in the past 5 weeks I may just explode, or implode, or paint my version of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel because of it. I’m f**king exhausted (p.p.s. my kid is 10 now, and I’m taking up swearing again here and there.  judge away.) But I feel as though I could write a novel on all the lessons learned in such a short period of time.

For now, I leave you with this picture of some slightly over-exploded ranunculus which have the signature dreamy sunrise Grassdale light spilling into them.  Can you trademark the sunrise?  Pretty sure we are dominating in that department– no watering, weeding, or fertilizing required!